We are a group of Waltham Forest residents who believe that no one political Party has a monopoly of good ideas. Successful local government depends on the of goodwill of people, people who listen to advice, argue and debate, are capable of arriving at sensible decisions on their merits for the good of the community, and are not driven simply by Party allegiance.

Party politics reminds us of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood hit, When Two Tribes Go To War. Only it’s not quite two tribes. It’s lots of tribes, both inside and out of each political Party, who have gone to war with each other for the prize of power.

Lost in the these political power play’s is us, the electorate.

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The last few years has seen politics turned on its head. A growing number of us are now extremely mistrustful of Party politicians who put loyalty to their Party over that of the needs and wishes of the community they were elected to serve.

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Information is power. That’s probably the reason why the Council and Councillors are silent about the myriad of useful tools available online, and elsewhere, which can empower us.

We believe in sharing that power. Please tell us if you know of anymore.

Enter your postcode to find local services & politicians
Enter your postcode to find local services & politicians
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Report street problems to the council


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