Who We Are

We are a group of Waltham Forest residents who believe that no one political Party has a monopoly of good ideas. Successful local government depends on the goodwill of people, people who listen to advice, argue and debate, are capable of arriving at sensible decisions on their merits for the good of the community, and are not driven simply by Party allegiance.

Party politics reminds us of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood hit, When Two Tribes Go To War. Only it’s not quite two tribes. It’s lots of tribes, both inside and out of each political Party, who have gone to war with each other for the prize of power.

Lost in these political power play’s is us, the electorate.

Too often Party politicians support schemes for which they can claim credit, rather than paying attention to the real needs of its community.

Sounds familiar? So, what’s the alternative?

We believe Independent councillors, with the right commitment and policies, can catch the public’s attention by openly discussing where we might find common agreement for the benefit of all we serve. If that includes cherry picking from establishment Party’s then so be it.

There are over 2,000 Independent councillors in England & Wales who carry on the tradition of open and accountable local government.

With your help we can get Independently minded people elected here in Walthamstow and beyond.